apollo walker Picnic Backpack

Elevates a picnic to such a special experience with the apollo walker picnic backpack. You can pack all the essentials for a picnic in this backpack. It is made of durable high-quality material, padded with extra thick foam, and with a detachable leak-proof pouch. Moreover, the food storage compartment features premium insulation lining for foods to keep food or drinks cold/warm for hours.

apollo walker backpack
  • 4× stainless steel knives, forks, spoons
  • 4x 9-inch dinner plates
  • 4x cotton napkins
  • 1x cheese/butter knife, bottle opener, plastic chopping board
  • 4x wine glasses
  • 2x salt/pepper shakers
  • waterproof backed fleece picnic blanket

Overall, the apollo walker picnic backpack is ideal for a romantic picnic, outdoor party, beach, hiking, road trip, and camping. It is available in 2 person and 4 person sizes. It also comes with 185 days warranty.

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