NEBO Glow Tumbler Holder

Convert your tumbler into a flashlight with the NEBO Glow Tumbler Holder. It fits a 30 ounces YETI tumblers as well as 20 ounces YETI tumblers using the included insert. It features an ergonomic handle that is designed to grip around two sections of the cup and large enough for a big hand.

NEBO 6668

Moreover, the NEBO Glow Tumbler Holder offers 220 lumens task light and the 130 lumens lantern light that is extremely bright. It uses three AAA batteries for power that keeps the task light shines for 3 hours out to 24 meters or the lantern shines for 3 hours out to 15 meters.

NEBO Glow Tumbler Holder

Overall, the NEBO Glow Tumbler Holder allows you to carry your drink and flashlight with one hand. It is perfect for camping and hanging out at night. It also is a great gift idea for the man that has everything.

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