Prynt Turns Your Smartphone into Instant Camera

Prynt is a smartphone case that instantly prints photo like an instant camera. It comes with a built-in photo printer so you can print photo from your phone. When you use the Prynt app to take a photo, it embeds a six-second hidden video of the moments around that gives you a new way to share and store it in the cloud. The Prynt app also provides you preview and edit photos, custom filters, frames, stickers and more.

Prynt uses special ink-free printing technology to create the image. It uses Prynt ZINK Paper that contains everything you need to make photo, so no ink required. Cool tech gadgets that change your smartphone to instant camera. The Prynt case fits the iPhone 6s, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, and Samsung Galaxy S5.

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