Self Balancing Scooter by Leray

Do you want to step into the bright future of riding technology? Why not choosing our innovative self-balancing scooter? It features a high-end stylish design, dual hub motors for your perfect smooth and unbelievable fun driving. Reaches an unbelievable speed up to 10 km/hr. To charge this scooter you will only need 60 min and it will last you 2.5 hours. When you put up your foot on the self-balancing scooter‘s platform, you are secure, because this platform has an anti-slip mechanism. Max weight load is 220 lbs and the manufacture warranty is provided.

This 2 wheel scooter is a great machine for everyone who wants to chill and have fun. With all that entertainment comes great strength and reliability. Our scooter made from the environmentally friendly metals so you are always in balance with our Earth. You can use this product at home, at work or pretty much anywhere you want so far.

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