TACKLIFE Retractable Extension Cord Reel

No more messy extension cords on the floor anymore with the TACKLIFE retractable extension cord reel. It offers triple tap connector for easy and effortless chute mounting bracket and also adjusts to any length you want. The TACKLIFE cord real model GCR2A features 50ft power cord and 4.5ft lead-in power cord. This retractable extension cord reel is made from high quality polypropylene to ensure it is durable.

In addition, it can insert three-hole plug and two-hole plug at the same time. It also has circuit breaker to protect the device from damage. Moreover, with the 180° rotation allows the power extension cord reach anywhere you want to reach. As well as the automatically shrink can be help you keep electrical cords out of the way when not in use. Overall, the TACKLIFE retractable extension cord reel is cool things to buy for tools room or automotive industry.


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