W WEYLAN TEC Foldable Bathtub

Bring the spa to your home with the W WEYLAN TEC foldable bathtub. Whether you have the best bathtub or not, you can do spa easily at home. This foldable bathtub measures 54 inches long x 24.4 inches wide x 21.3 inches deep – which is large enough for adults.

The W WEYLAN TEC large foldable bathtub is made of double thickened TPE material that is very sturdy and no odor. It also is BPA-free, which is safe on your skin. Moreover, this foldable bathtub for adults comes with a lid to enclose your body and keep the water warm for a long time. It also is easy to carry it around. Just turn the bathtub upside down and press down to fold it.

Foldable Bathtub for Adults

Overall, this W WEYLAN TEC foldable bathtub is a great large portable bathtub for adults. It also is perfect for twin toddlers and children too. This bathtub comes in two different colors to choose from pink and blue.

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