CleverMade Tamarack Chair

Adds comfort and chic to any outdoor space with the CleverMade Tamarack Chair. It is a foldable low profile Acacia wooden chair. The CleverMade Tamarack folding wooden chair is no assembly required. Just unfold the Tamarack on where you need seating and fold it when not in use. It also is lightweight enough to move easily.

The CleverMade Tamarack Chair is made from solid wood of the sustainable Acacia Tree. It features an ergonomic seat, tall backrest, and low profile that provides extreme comfort while seating. This folding lounge chair can be used both outside and inside.

Overall, the CleverMade Tamarack folding wooden chair is unique, stylish, and sturdy. It also is perfect to add to decor your porch or used to entertain your family in the backyard.

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