Stair Rover Longboard

The Stair Rover Longboard by Allrover is a longboard that is designed to reduce the impact from the rough surface and keep you moving. The 8 wheeled mechanism and V-frame make the board equally at home cruising smooth pavements. The keels make it smooth gliding down steps of stairs without any issue. From the curb outside your house to a double flight of stairs, it scuttles over obstacles with ease. Great gift ideas and perfect skateboard for city surfing over any obstacle.

Stair Rover Longboard Features

  • Engineering thermoplastic chassis with shock absorbers for enjoyable ride
  • 8 wheels, 60mm 80a super high rebounce
  • A 6-ply maple deck with handle for easy carrying
  • Custom 50 degree aluminum trucks for more turning
  • Heavy duty and flexible V-frames (load up to 100kg)
  • Weight: just 4 kg / 9 lbs
  • Length: 80cm, width: 25cm, height: 12cm


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